ED 659, Screencasting Assignment

Jon B. a case study, a YouTube, content creator. Blog posts where I write about Jon B.

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Theoretical run-up on Elements of Digital Storytelling

Initial Exploration of Structures and Boundaries in Creating a Web Presence

I am not in love with what I have produced here. I tried to use Screencastify and just got annoyed. So, since I have Camtasia on my work machine I just fired it up and started recording. My first attempt was merely with an oral narrative, see the Gold Glove recording below. I then redid this Jon B. recording with the inset reaction camera. Technically, these both are Screencast recordings. However, aside from the topic, I am uninspired with my use of the technology.

Gold Glove, a case study, of a YouTube, content creator. Blog posts where I write about Gold Glove.

Exploring Digital Citizenship

Initial Exploration of Structures and Boundaries in Creating a Web Presence

I don’t recall what free Screencast program I used to create the following video. However, I think my storytelling is better and overall this is a better use of technology to aid in telling the story. The pacing on this is languid, and that is a flaw.

I told the same story as the first two screencasts, but I experimented with tools and techniques in making this one that make the viewing a little more dynamic a little more interesting.

On the whole, I am concluding that I have a learning curve that is still steep and rising when it comes to making screencasts. I’ve struggled in the past trying to use free versions of the software. Using Camtasia again involved challenges and frustrations however the experience of the technology was better than with other products. I believe as well that a step by step sequence or a clear storyline makes for a better cast. The conceptual discussion just doesn’t work very well, at least at my skill level.